The SipNShut story and team


When you think about it, why aren’t reclosable beverage cans commonplace? Beverage cans splash in car cup holders, bees probe sugary soda cans, people take cans to the beach or pool.  People are also constantly on the move and don't always want to drink a full can at one time.  Yet, few brands seem to use reclosable cans.

The founders of SipNShut did extensive research, talking with consumers, brands, can-makers, and fillers and the reason became clear. Existing reclosable designs are clunky, difficult to open, incompatible with existing filling equipment and expensive to manufacture.

Now there’s a solution. SipNShut is an ingenious patent pending design that is the product of years of technical research, refinement and practical industry experience. It addresses the core issues that have bedeviled other reclosable options: it’s easier to open, contains no plastic, runs on existing can lines and costs less than other reclosable options. Even more importantly, even though reclosable cans are not widely used by brands today, research shows that consumers want it.


The SipNShut team

Bill Brandell

Bill’s background is in technology innovation and commercialization.  As the former CEO of Invento Americas, and SVP of Sales, Marketing and Innovation for Rexam (purchased by Ball), Bill brings decades of practical, hands-on beverage can expertise to the SipNShut team. Bill directs strategy and commercialization efforts, providing guidance on business development, partner relations, and brand outreach. View full profile on LinkedIn

Brendan Coffey

Brendan Coffey

Brendan is the inventor of SipNShut and spearheads technology development and licensing.  He previously founded HeatGen, a self-heating beverage can technology he invented. Brendan has a PhD in Materials Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University and holds patents for numerous beverage can innovations.View full profile on LinkedIn

Chris Schorre

Chris Schorre

With 25+ years of marketing and strategy experience, and several beverage can pull tab patents of his own, Chris heads up all marketing efforts for the SipNShut team. He has particular expertise in market research, online marketing, writing, tradeshows and promotional strategy. View full profile on LinkedIn