Finally, a 100% metal reclosable beverage can design that offers something for everyone.

SipNShut uses industry-standard aluminum can ends and has been designed to meet the needs of consumers, beverage brands, can manufacturers and co-packers.


Patented reclosable design offers smoother beverage pours

SipNShut has been engineered to promote smooth drinkability and pouring without spattering. It even pours better than the traditional SOT design or other resealable ends. Plus, SipNShut recloses to prevent leaks and spills. Watch the video to see how it compares.


Switch back and forth from standard SOT to SipNShut reclosable ends with ease

SipNShut reclosable aluminum ends use the same end profile dimensions you know and trust. We buy shells from a major can manufacturer and adapt them for SipNShut. That means you don't have to worry about curl diameter adjustments or seamer issues. Only minor adjustments will need to be made to run SipNShut on your lines.


Runs on standard filling lines

Existing reclosable beverage can options on the market today are expensive, clunky and often only available through a limited number of co-packers. SipNShut fixes those issues with a low-profile design based on an existing shell, so it runs on existing lines at high speeds. No costly line modifications or process adjustments needed.

  • Nests tightly into sleeves like traditional SOT ends
  • No debagging or infeed line modifications needed
  • Little or no impact on line speeds
  • No changes to seamer chucks
  • Matches industry standard can profiles

No mixed materials. 100% recyclable.

SipNShut components use the same industry standard aluminum alloy as conventional beverage can ends. This ensures that your cans will remain 100% recyclable and sustainable. While it uses slightly more metal than a standard SOT end, aluminum is infinitely recyclable so it's a far more sustainable option than PET bottles or existing reclosable ends that mix plastic and metal and contaiminate the recycling stream.


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